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Mar 14, 2013 11:35pm PDT
dictator kim jong-un. what a great sitcom that would make. [ laughter ] rodman apparently stood up in front of the crowd at the game and told kim jong-un you have a friend for life. just when you thought dennis rodman couldn't get more likable, he makes friends with a hated foreign dictator. speaking of basketball, this is good. this has happened before the cavaliers-raptors game in cleveland last night. the announcers from nba tv canada got a surprise visit from toronto forward mikhail pietrus. he's from france. this is a special nba edition of "behind the news." >> what you lose in rudy gay's scoring, i think tayshaun prince and tony allen can take away. so the style they play -- it kind of fits in as we get some work here from mikhail pietrus. but i do think they have a chance to be successful without rudy gay. but let's move on. the denver nuggets, 24-3 at home. they're tied with the miami heat in terms of home wins. >> jimmy: that's good. i love that the reporters continue as if there's not a giant man doing a bob flossy routine behind him. nicely done, mikhail. it's thursday nig
Mar 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
within the north korean leadership, and kim jong un may be trying to shore up popular support. >> we take a look at other stories making news around the world. >> china has named its new premier. missed that one. u.s. president barack obama says iran is about a year away from being able to build a nuclear bomb. obama told israeli tv that the u.s. is willing to use military force to prevent iran from getting the bomb if diplomacy fails. >> nearly 200,000 people have been killed in iraq since the u.s. invasion almost 10 years ago according to a new study. researchers in the u.s. say the cost of the war has been more than $2 trillion. >> on a very different note, we have a look at sports now. and then there were eight -- soccer teams, that is -- left in the champions league. the draw has just been made for the quarter finals. let's take a look. bundesliga champions dortmind. bayern munich will answer the chances. the fixtures will be played at the beginning of april. >> over in formula one, the world champion books read that to go into the new season. the german driver dominated the two prac
FOX News
Mar 15, 2013 8:00am PDT
jong un, and we still don't know a lot about him, and his reign is developing right before our eyes. he was seen at a artillery site recently which was the same site that fired in 2010 on the south korean island where they had casualties there. another thing is they have a new president in south korea and usually north korea has some kind of pof vocation after a new south korean president takes office. we don't know what he's going to do, but i suspect he's going to do something in the next few weeks or months. jenna: what is also concerning to many analysts is the relationship between north korea and iran. there is certainly a lot of focus on missile interception on the west coast because of the geography with north korea. what about our east coast? what about their relationship with iran? should we be looking elsewhere besides just ask and california to beef up our defenses? >> the iranians certainly, as we all know, we've talked many times, are developing a nuclear weapon. they have missile technology, short, medium and long-range missiles that can deal with their entire region a
FOX News
Mar 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
trigger at this point, the younger new leader that is there, kim jong-un, basically is part of the family that has controlled north korea since 1948. bill, let's look at what these things can do. bill: you really do not know what the intention is here on behalf of pongyang especially when you look attesting they have done over past few months. china to the west, russia to the north. south korea and japan to the east. just in the past ten days or so, advance it one time, the armistice that was in place since 1953 is called in question on behalf of the north. will the new young leader act on behalf of the armistice and create a more aggressive environment? that's what we're waiting to see here. we have the advanced way to show you the new missile the united states government believe north korea has. this is ground-based on behalf of the system on behalf of the u.s. could theoretically intercept at a range of 3,000 miles off the western coast of the united states and off canada there. if you believe all the intelligence we're picking up, martha, you have a range here of north korea th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4